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We live in a very divided nation, which has it’s roots in an even more divided world. Anybody you talk to, if they have been paying attention to current events, will tell you things seem to be getting worse and worse. Everyone has their opinions on what is wrong or why, but most everybody seems to agree on two things: SOMETHING is not working and it’s the other sides fault.
In the last two decades I have watched a number of new movements surface and evolve, I have heard every argument for a million causes, and I have taken part in or observed thousands of political debates and discussions that, in all honesty, accomplished very little, if anything at all. I have noticed one undeniable fact that is the biggest obstacle in the way of any type of real change, and that is the complete lack of unity that permeates our culture, and therefore any movement or political system which grows out of it.
We have spent countless hours debating and arguing our beliefs and even more time trying to discredit those with political persuasions we perceive as being in opposition to our own, and what do we have to show for it but more of the same? While the various groups and sub groups argue, bicker, insult and picket one another, the corrupt, defective system (and it’s leaders) continues virtually unchallenged.
What good is a clever theory if it never becomes anything else. An idea can change the world, but not if all anyone ever does is talk about it. Even when you are yelling your ideas at the top of your lungs at someone who just won’t agree, then your idea is loud, not effective.
Republican, Democrat, Christian, Muslim, we all bleed the same blood and breathe the same air. Somehow, I think we can find some common ground long enough to remove the oppressive tyrants, social constructs, economic systems that breed disorder and division and chain us all regardless of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.
I think a united world could propel us into the future I know we all want, and once we have won our freedom, we will have found ourselves more understanding of ‘the other side’. Armed with priceless perspective, we will be better equipped to build a world where everybody’s voice matters, where the problems we were forced to confront never interrupt the potential or progress of the society we send our children into.

Unity will set us all free.

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Revolution of thought.

The Talking Heads are busy these days. In America, Fear is a product and keeping you afraid is big business. Meanwhile, in the real world, Things have begun to reach a catalyst.  Everyone seems to notice somethings wrong, alot of people have pretty strong opinions on the how and why, but we all agree we aren’t going in the right direction. That’s about the only thing we seem to be able to agree on. Politics, these days, is all about distraction and illusion. The distraction is the popularity contest and media circus that is American politics, and the illusion is that you are free. While you are busy arguing over political dogma, The men behind the curtain are hard at work, waging wars and spending your money. Those with power only have as much power as you allow, and the more you allow things to stay as they are, the more harm you do to the world you are borrowing from your children.

Fear, as I said before, is big business. The Sensationalism perpetuated by the media and those who run it is what keeps us addicted to the “protection” and “stability” our Government claims to offer us in return for our obedience. As long as there is someone or something to Fear, our Government can do anything it pleases, under the guise of keeping us all safe. I believe it has even come to the point where our leaders have manufactured things for us to Fear so they can further their agenda. The terrorists are in our television sets, convincing us all that things are too scary for us to face on our own. We are asked to believe that anyone who questions authority is a threat to society, when the exact opposite is true. Those who question authority are an essential part to a free society.

We the people have only one thing to Fear. It is not a man in a cave, thousands of miles away. It is not a plague or impending natural disaster. We shouldn’t even Fear the greedy bankers and politicians who lie, murder and steal everyday. We need only Fear our own apathy towards our increasingly dire situation. Things only continue down this path because WE allow it to happen. We are either too lazy, too distracted, or too afraid to care. This apathy is fatal if left unchecked. I’m afraid that we will all start to raise our heads a little too late, and the fight for freedom will be that much more difficult. How much liberty are you willing to give up to maintain your false sense of security and freedom?

We must learn from the mistakes of our brothers and sisters abroad, those fighting in Syria and the middle east for freedom and opportunity. We cannot wait until our rights have been stripped to speak out, because that is when the shelling will start, and the raids, and the violence. The tighter the grip on our lives gets, the more those who hold on will fight to keep control. A violent revolution is not necessary, we can overcome our adversary simply by deciding not to live in Fear anymore. Peaceful, but firm disobedience is all you need to take back control over your life, and your country. Take back whats yours, and defend your right to freedom. You have to stand up for yourself though, if you don’t   value your life and freedom, don’t expect someone else to. You see what the alternative is, what would you prefer?

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Legalize Intelligence

I’d like to say first off that Drugs, for many people, are a very bad idea. Addiction and the consequences can be pretty serious, even fatal. And, every person experiences a Drug differently, so there is no real way to know exactly how something is going to make you feel or behave. Intoxicants of any kind should only ever be used by responsible, knowledgeable adults who understand the risks and potential for disaster.

Having said that, I’d like to say that I think the fact that Marijuana is still illegal for both sale and consumption in most of the developed world is absolutely ridiculous. Literally, Trillions of dollars have been spent trying to wipe this plant off the face of Creation, Men have spent decades of their precious lives in jails and prisons over it, and still, as of this writing, their have been NO reported deaths due to Marijuana consumption.

The Marijuana plant has been around for as long as we have. And we’ve been using it in one form or another for thousands of years. The plant fiber can make clothing and textiles, as well as paper. And the Hemp plant grows twice as fast as cotton does and countless times faster than tree’s do, and can grow in almost any climate, in almost any soil. The seeds are often used by bodybuilders and health conscious people as a great source of protein, Essential Fatty Acids, and  other nutrients. The oil from the plant is often used in medicine, and could even be used for fuel. Not to mention the flowers, which are the most valued part.

To start off the flowers of the Marijuana plant are still the only medicine that safely reduces ocular pressure in glaucoma patients with virtually NO side effects.  It is a safe, natural, non-addicting pain reliever for those with muscle and joint pain. It is an excellent sleep aid, that doesn’t cause dependency. It is perfect for cancer and HIV/AIDS patients to stimulate appetite, and for those patients who are terminally ill it provides reprieve and comfort as well as being a good pain reliever. New uses for the plant, both utilitarian and medicinal emerge all the time, and for states that have legalized it for medicinal uses it has brought in millions in tax revenue each year.

Marijuana, despite the all out war being waged against it, has remained America’s top cash crop for decades. Only, the harsh and outdated laws have drove the trade underground in most places and led to the creation of a “shadow economy” that is rife with crime and murder. Leaving the vicious Drug Cartels in charge of supply, and further supporting their hold on communities in Mexico and South America. The point that i’m trying to make here, is that our farmers could be growing it, and selling it to dispensaries which would then sell it to those who choose to use it. Growing and dispensing ALONE would both create jobs and stimulate the economy, but a small tax could even be added to further help the struggling communities that could use the boost. Not to mention the billions wasted in law enforcement each year, and the money used to lock people up for non-violent Marijuana related crimes.

The powers that be have created a stigma for Marijuana that seems to be difficult to shake. Everyone just accepts the fact that this virtually harmless plant is illegal because it’s always been that way. Not many actually realize the massive benefit it would have on our quality of life, especially here in America. I honestly just think it’s time to grow up and face the facts around this issue, and change it. We need to demand OUR government change the outdated and detrimental laws banning the consumption, growth, and sale of this plant. It is our obligation to speak up if something is hurting us. The laws of this country do not seem to apply to the super wealthy, or those in charge, so we cannot ever expect them to stand up for us. We must stand up for ourselves.

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Sensational Garbage.

I could watch CNN all day. Really, I could. It’s very entertaining. And not just CNN, MSNBC, and even FOX. Suspense, Emotion, the Happy Ending, it’s all there.  And the talking heads on T.V. would love to tell you all about it.

Almost no substance though, Like, marshmallow puff for the mind. A glimpse here and there of something important, something we should be interested in, and then our gaze is diverted to the news of who’s just won a Grammy or what so-and-so named their newborn child. There are very urgent matters that require our IMMEDIATE attention and yet we are nicely preoccupied with lives of celebrities we have never met. People who do not even know our names. It’s all Sensational Garbage and our brands the best.

Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Israel, Central and South America, China, Iran, etc etc. These are all places where the government is actually imprisoning, torturing and killing it’s own citizens for speaking up. These are places with alot of instability, and alot of funerals for children. I guess, as long as your the government it’s ok though, right?

                       If we don’t get off our asses and speak up for ourselves, The same shit will be happening here. I’d rather prevent the random shelling of neighborhoods and the senseless murder of children. The Indefinite Detention, The curfews and the slow chiseling away of Liberty. I Want To Be Free.  Truly free, and unafraid of a government that was created to serve and protect but chooses to manipulate and extort instead. I don’t want to Buy, Breed or Brainstorm anymore. I just want to Be.

                      I don’t care if anybody ever reads this. I’m not writing this for any other reason other than I need to see my own ideas in print, To better analyze and understand my own mind. To liberate your mind is to be completely Free.

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