When I was in school, and we were learning about history I remember always wondering what the future societies would think about my generation. Even today I still find myself wondering if history will forgive us for our errors as easily as we have forgiven ourselves. Hindsight has always had a funny way of showing us exactly what went wrong, and what mistakes could have been, and should have been avoided entirely. It’s a sad scenario to play out, but I do believe there is an alternative.

So many people these days have pawned their minds, voices, and lives for a comfortable and cushioned existence. The price for this apathy, is much greater than most care to understand. How is it that people are still scoffed at for wanting to preserve and protect the very planet we live on? Why are the few that stand up and beckon us to unite in love shot down or persecuted? Why do so many starve when there is enough food and resources to adequately provide for every Human on Earth? These will be just a few of the questions of a very curious, and disgruntled future.

I cannot help but wonder if our temporary comforts are worth it. If the path we tread only seems infinite, and that the end lay not in front but below us as we plummet over the cliff of reason, into the painful sigh of hindsight. We make the choice everyday, it’s up to us.


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