Reaching Out.

   “Every man feels that His burden is the heaviest…Who feels it, knows it.”                                                          ~Bob Marley

                 Everyone is pointing fingers these days, anyone you ask is liable to have their own very firm opinion about the problems in society and who is causing them, and that isn’t likely to change any time soon. I don’t think that is a problem, I enjoy the diversity, what I see as being an issue is the rigid way we cling to our opinions as if they are the only ones with any legitimacy. So in place of healthy debate and meaningful discussion, we get heated arguments rife with insults and anger. Lot’s and lot’s of division and negativity, but where are the results?  

               Most would agree, we haven’t had much real change in the past few decades. And we’ve repeated many of the same mistakes more than once with remarkable ease. What we need now is not more bickering, full of loaded questions, half truths and straw man arguments; we need more people willing to reach out to ‘the other side’ and say: ‘I respect your right to disagree with me, let’s find some common ground and figure out how to fix this’. This is courage, to be able to put your own pride aside in peaceful cooperation in order to make Our world a better place.  To cling, selfishly, to your own perspective and not consider any alteration to your ideals based upon new information is undeniably unscientific. And it is nothing short of criminal to force another person or group of people into adhering to your version of morality, or other dogmas. The world is not here to be ‘fixed’ by you, it is here to be experienced. Furthermore, I think it is a great hinderance to progress for the greatest thinkers and problem solvers to be so hopelessly divided, blind to anything but their own theories. Each one sure they are the ones with the right idea. 

                  We need only look as far as nature to see that diversity is key to a healthy world. Even in face of great adversity, many of our planets ecosystems thrive because of their complex and diverse biological systems.  It is from this complexity that new adaptations and achievements form. I see Humans as a part of nature, so I see no reason why Society should not mirror the natural world. 

              Reaching out to the ‘opposition’ is about more than getting your point across, it’s about actively trying to understand their point as well. It’s about being a part of positive change, a real solution, instead of mindless arguing and endless debates. I choose today to recognize those who disagree with me, and honor your right to do so. Let’s come together, there has never been a better time to change the path we are on.   


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