We live in a very divided nation, which has it’s roots in an even more divided world. Anybody you talk to, if they have been paying attention to current events, will tell you things seem to be getting worse and worse. Everyone has their opinions on what is wrong or why, but most everybody seems to agree on two things: SOMETHING is not working and it’s the other sides fault.
In the last two decades I have watched a number of new movements surface and evolve, I have heard every argument for a million causes, and I have taken part in or observed thousands of political debates and discussions that, in all honesty, accomplished very little, if anything at all. I have noticed one undeniable fact that is the biggest obstacle in the way of any type of real change, and that is the complete lack of unity that permeates our culture, and therefore any movement or political system which grows out of it.
We have spent countless hours debating and arguing our beliefs and even more time trying to discredit those with political persuasions we perceive as being in opposition to our own, and what do we have to show for it but more of the same? While the various groups and sub groups argue, bicker, insult and picket one another, the corrupt, defective system (and it’s leaders) continues virtually unchallenged.
What good is a clever theory if it never becomes anything else. An idea can change the world, but not if all anyone ever does is talk about it. Even when you are yelling your ideas at the top of your lungs at someone who just won’t agree, then your idea is loud, not effective.
Republican, Democrat, Christian, Muslim, we all bleed the same blood and breathe the same air. Somehow, I think we can find some common ground long enough to remove the oppressive tyrants, social constructs, economic systems that breed disorder and division and chain us all regardless of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.
I think a united world could propel us into the future I know we all want, and once we have won our freedom, we will have found ourselves more understanding of ‘the other side’. Armed with priceless perspective, we will be better equipped to build a world where everybody’s voice matters, where the problems we were forced to confront never interrupt the potential or progress of the society we send our children into.

Unity will set us all free.

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