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Legalize Intelligence

I’d like to say first off that Drugs, for many people, are a very bad idea. Addiction and the consequences can be pretty serious, even fatal. And, every person experiences a Drug differently, so there is no real way to know exactly how something is going to make you feel or behave. Intoxicants of any kind should only ever be used by responsible, knowledgeable adults who understand the risks and potential for disaster.

Having said that, I’d like to say that I think the fact that Marijuana is still illegal for both sale and consumption in most of the developed world is absolutely ridiculous. Literally, Trillions of dollars have been spent trying to wipe this plant off the face of Creation, Men have spent decades of their precious lives in jails and prisons over it, and still, as of this writing, their have been NO reported deaths due to Marijuana consumption.

The Marijuana plant has been around for as long as we have. And we’ve been using it in one form or another for thousands of years. The plant fiber can make clothing and textiles, as well as paper. And the Hemp plant grows twice as fast as cotton does and countless times faster than tree’s do, and can grow in almost any climate, in almost any soil. The seeds are often used by bodybuilders and health conscious people as a great source of protein, Essential Fatty Acids, and  other nutrients. The oil from the plant is often used in medicine, and could even be used for fuel. Not to mention the flowers, which are the most valued part.

To start off the flowers of the Marijuana plant are still the only medicine that safely reduces ocular pressure in glaucoma patients with virtually NO side effects.  It is a safe, natural, non-addicting pain reliever for those with muscle and joint pain. It is an excellent sleep aid, that doesn’t cause dependency. It is perfect for cancer and HIV/AIDS patients to stimulate appetite, and for those patients who are terminally ill it provides reprieve and comfort as well as being a good pain reliever. New uses for the plant, both utilitarian and medicinal emerge all the time, and for states that have legalized it for medicinal uses it has brought in millions in tax revenue each year.

Marijuana, despite the all out war being waged against it, has remained America’s top cash crop for decades. Only, the harsh and outdated laws have drove the trade underground in most places and led to the creation of a “shadow economy” that is rife with crime and murder. Leaving the vicious Drug Cartels in charge of supply, and further supporting their hold on communities in Mexico and South America. The point that i’m trying to make here, is that our farmers could be growing it, and selling it to dispensaries which would then sell it to those who choose to use it. Growing and dispensing ALONE would both create jobs and stimulate the economy, but a small tax could even be added to further help the struggling communities that could use the boost. Not to mention the billions wasted in law enforcement each year, and the money used to lock people up for non-violent Marijuana related crimes.

The powers that be have created a stigma for Marijuana that seems to be difficult to shake. Everyone just accepts the fact that this virtually harmless plant is illegal because it’s always been that way. Not many actually realize the massive benefit it would have on our quality of life, especially here in America. I honestly just think it’s time to grow up and face the facts around this issue, and change it. We need to demand OUR government change the outdated and detrimental laws banning the consumption, growth, and sale of this plant. It is our obligation to speak up if something is hurting us. The laws of this country do not seem to apply to the super wealthy, or those in charge, so we cannot ever expect them to stand up for us. We must stand up for ourselves.

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Peaceful Questions.

“If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.

If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.

If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbors.

If there is to be peace between neighbors,
There must be peace in the home.

If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart.”

~Chinese Philospher , Lao-Tse ,6th Century BCE
                                         Something I have been slowly realizing lately, is that the outer world is typically indicative of the inner one. When there is Chaos and Mayhem inside my mind, It is usually present in my life as well. But the most interesting thing, I find, is that I have complete control of how I feel and what I do about it. The problem is almost always within me, a product of my own reactions to life and it’s circumstances. I could choose to allow something to seriously bother me (as I often do), and get angry and scream and in the end nothing will be different and i’ll probably have a bigger problem to deal with. Or I could choose to slow down and meditate on the situation, and try to look at it from a level of compassion that makes it impossible to be angry. Which in the end has always shown to be the best course of action, if any is necessary at all.
                              There are several things about this country that really make me angry. The way we treat other people, ourselves, our Planet, and Animals is disgusting, to say the very least. The corruption and oppression our apathy constantly upholds, all over the world, is astounding. And the widely popular Fear of those who speak up with voices of Love and Change, Who fight for Freedom and Equality, is depressing.  At the end of the day though, I have to figure out a way to live with these realities while at the same time trying to change them. I cannot allow myself to become emotional, angry or hateful, or else i’m being counterproductive. It’s only when I approach the problem with firm understanding and endless compassion do I even begin to be able to experience it fully. And then decide the best way to move forward.
                            What would I gain if I ran around pointing fingers and making accusations and ruining reputations? I’d be playing “their” game and the thing about that game is it is set up for you to lose. I’d rather play by my own rules and work toward change rather than arguing about it. I feel I can accomplish more from a platform of tolerance and Love, when I look at those I am disagreeing with in terms of how we are alike rather than separate.
                          We have a world full of people with alot of answers, but rarely the right questions. Am I Free? Truly. Inside and out? Or have the people I have so freely handed the authority used it to slowly pull the wool over my eyes and turn me into a shiny cog in the machine of consumerism. We may no longer protest in the street and speak up for our liberty without being labeled as “Terrorists”. New laws get passed each year that take away just a little more of your Freedom. Because, in essence, each law is just another stipulation of your Freedom. Just another thing you cannot do.
                       The problem with authority is it’s not discriminate. Anyone can invoke it, Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Fascists, etc etc. When you open the door, there’s no telling who will walk through. Which has historically led to leaders like Nero, Hitler, Stalin, Mubarak, Assad, and The American Government for the past 150 years. We must take back control over our own lives. We must be able to decide for ourselves the best course of action in our own existence.
                        After all, WE are the ones who pave the streets, WE grow the food, We heal the sick and WE drive the buses. WE clean their houses, teach their children and cook their food, we even drive them around in their expensive cars. WE ought to be able to have a say in how our World is run. Our leaders should be trusted servants, they should not govern. Their jobs should be to protect, serve and care for those they represent, not to impose limitations to another persons liberty. Only a persons Creator can be his master, all others are his equal.

Sensational Garbage.

I could watch CNN all day. Really, I could. It’s very entertaining. And not just CNN, MSNBC, and even FOX. Suspense, Emotion, the Happy Ending, it’s all there.  And the talking heads on T.V. would love to tell you all about it.

Almost no substance though, Like, marshmallow puff for the mind. A glimpse here and there of something important, something we should be interested in, and then our gaze is diverted to the news of who’s just won a Grammy or what so-and-so named their newborn child. There are very urgent matters that require our IMMEDIATE attention and yet we are nicely preoccupied with lives of celebrities we have never met. People who do not even know our names. It’s all Sensational Garbage and our brands the best.

Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Israel, Central and South America, China, Iran, etc etc. These are all places where the government is actually imprisoning, torturing and killing it’s own citizens for speaking up. These are places with alot of instability, and alot of funerals for children. I guess, as long as your the government it’s ok though, right?

                       If we don’t get off our asses and speak up for ourselves, The same shit will be happening here. I’d rather prevent the random shelling of neighborhoods and the senseless murder of children. The Indefinite Detention, The curfews and the slow chiseling away of Liberty. I Want To Be Free.  Truly free, and unafraid of a government that was created to serve and protect but chooses to manipulate and extort instead. I don’t want to Buy, Breed or Brainstorm anymore. I just want to Be.

                      I don’t care if anybody ever reads this. I’m not writing this for any other reason other than I need to see my own ideas in print, To better analyze and understand my own mind. To liberate your mind is to be completely Free.

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Paper Master.

I have a five dollar bill in front of me. I can rip it, I can burn it and I could even eat it. But this piece of paper is my master. This dollar bill isn’t even aware of it’s own existence, but it’s in complete control of mine. Without it i’d have no food, no water, no home, no medicine. I guess it’s sort of like one of those “Try Life: Free to sign up” deals. You can be born, but in order to live you have to pay.  That doesn’t  sound right to me.

We are born into this scam and politely forced to play along.  And I don’t want to play anymore….

The Wake Up Call.


                    I am just like you. I love my freedom, and to be totally honest: I’m afraid. We need to wake up America. This is your wake up call…